Prayers & Praises

Please join us in praying for our congregation and these specific concerns…

Ongoing Prayer Concerns...

  • Dennis D. - Prayers for pain management.
  • The Clear Family - prayers for peace and comfort in the passing of Nancy H.
  • Barbara W. Prayers for her mother.
  • Audrey F. - Prayers for healing and comfort for a broken hip.
  • Kevin J. (Nephew of Jack & Gail H.)
  • Jack H. - Prayers for successful eye surgery and recovery.
  • Stephanie L. (Daughter of Jack & Gail H.) - Preparing for thyroid surgery.
  • Patrick C. - prayers for health issues
  • Ernest and Dawn K.- Good health for brother-in-law, Rick, and 96 year old mother, Betty
  • Julie – (Jill’s sister) -  who is struggling with her health
  • Chris- awaiting news on his disability income eligibility
  • Pearl S.- for her time in Indianapolis with her daughter over the winter
  • Ken S.- continued prayers for his recovery
  • Brian and Christine and Kaeppler family
  • Barbara S.- She welcomes prayers, cards & visits
  • Friedman family- various medical issues
  • Reid S. and family- health and peace
  • Pray for Our Pastor
  • David A.
  • James C. in TN
  • Anne G.
  • David K.
  • Caylor G.
  • Bishop Julius T.
  • Rev. Dr. Marti L.
  • Tony D.
  • Marge C.
  • Grace M.
  • Amy D. & sons
  • Lizbeth

International Prayer Concerns...

  • Lindsey and Steve P., Proyecto Alas in Honduras. Read their updates here or on the bulletin board.

  • Doug C., Auckland, NZ

North District UMC Pastor and Churches...

  • Inwood UMC and Bremen Riverside UMC- Rev. Becky B.

  • Knox UMC – Rev. Dee M.

  • LaCrosse UMC- Rev. Randy Schrock

  • Lakeville UMC – Rev. Ed M.

  • LaPorte First UMC Rev. Tim A. and Rev. Joy A.

School Prayer Concerns...

  • PDO Preschool
  • McKinley Elementary
  • Adams High School